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A grid tied inverter takes the DC power directly from your solar array and converts this into 230V AC that goes to your switchboard to power your home.

A battery inverter takes stored DC power from a battery bank and converts this into 230V AC that goes to your switchboard to power your home.

Most residential solar electricity systems are grid tied and do not include batteries.

Inverter can be single phase or 3 phase, as required making them suitable for residential and commercial/industrial use.

There are many manufacturers of inverters worldwide, including Enasolar from New Zealand.

As the efficiency and reliability of the inerter is essential to every system, Beattie Energy are selective on the products offered.

Along with Enasolar we offer inverters from various European manufacturers.

Most grid tied systems use a centralised "string inverter" for high performance, durability, simplicity and cost effectiveness.

There are times when an alternative product called a micro inverter is useful.

A mictro inverter is a small inverter dedicated to each solar module and can offer better performance when partial shading of the solar array may be an issue.

You may have seen reference to maximum power point tracking or MPPT.  This is an electronic system built into a good inverter to help pull the maximum power possible from the solar panel array.   Some inverters are single MPPT while others may have two, making them effectively two separate inverters in one box, and very good when panels will not all get the same level of sun.


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