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The two main commercial multi systems we offer are the VRF system from Mitsubishi Electric and the VRV IV from Daikin.  The multi system has one condenser outdoor unit connected to a number of indoor heads, including highwalls, underceilings, cassettes etc.  Having individual units in each office space gives the user more control over the temperture within their office environment.  Multi system is generally paired with a Heat recovery system to increase the efficiency of the system.


City Multi R2 Series VRF

A City Multi R2 Series VRF is a two pipe system with the benefit of the four indoor unit system. There are 20 refrigerant joints, compared to an equivalent three-pipe system with 58 connections. Each extra joint requires extra labour, materials and time. Copper prices have risen significantly and less copper pipe means much less capital cost for equivalent projects. This makes City Multi R2 a significantly cheaper product to install. There are also no expensive proprietary branch fittings required. Fewer pipe connection sites also mean less potential leak sites.

Download Mitsubishi Electric's City Multi Brochure(13MB) and the Green Building case studies(0.8MB). 



The Daikin VRV IV range is an advanced, variable refrigerant volume air conditioning system with a wide range of indoor and outdoor units. A Daikin VRV III air conditioning system can be optimised to suit any application. The Daikin range, combined with pipe runs and high external static pressure is powerful and versatile to deliver flexible design, easy installation and cost effective operation for any project.

Daikin's VRV IV Heat Pump system has been design to deliver cost-effective air-conditioning to even the largest buildings with outdoor units that can extend air-conditioning capacity up to 147kW.

Utilizing the latest advances in refrigeration and air-conditioning technology, the Daikin Inverter Compressor system delivers improved efficiency and performance whilst ensuring satisfaction of demands throughout connected zones across the complete operation cycle. The system also allows up to 64 indoor fan coil units, a 200% connection index (applicable to single module system only), outside air treatment options and integrated controls, with BMS options and extended piping runs.

Download Daikin's VRV IV full brochure(7MB).